Where have I been all your life (or, since the winter)

It seems I’m back. Where I have been? That’s a long story. The short answer is: been busy.
The long answer is the same, but perhaps  deeper and truer.

I’ve been avoiding the intertubes. For the most part because I can’t share the good news or the hope-to-be-good news until all systems are “Go.”  And I’m certainly not going to tell everyone about my many suffered miseries because they’re few and (truly) harmless. No one likes a Negative Nancy.

So that left me with what felt like two topics: food and my cats. There’s only so much one can say about the glory of the doughnut or the cuteness of the “M”  on Neville’s forehead.

There was and is more to say, of course. Querying, Inspiration, Books I love, Books I didn’t love, but the past 6 months have used up so much of my energy it seemed blogging or tweeting about anything even remotely “not priority” was impossible; like win-the-lottery impossible.

To metaphor it: If my brain is a giant computer… it has been churning that damn hourglass over and over again. (or, for you mac users, the dreaded pinwheel of loading!)

But rejoice (I am)! My mental CPU has stopped over-heating. I’m back, and attempting to be more consistent.

If there’s anything you want to talk about, hit me up! I’d love help on choosing a topic.




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