The Sara(h)s: My Nemeses!

I’m in an upbeat mood today, so I’m going to reveal an inside story: Agents have nemeses. And I mean that by the strictest definition. I bear no actual enmity or ill will to my nemeses, but I do consider them an agent – pun intended – of my downfall!

Nemeses are those agents that always seem to get the projects I want. Granted, nearly every agent out there represents something I’ve wanted and lost, never got the chance to consider, or didn’t even know I wanted until I saw the announcement. But there are an elite few who keep cropping up. Namely, the Sara(h)s!

For clarity’s sake, I repeat, these agents are awesome agents and probably awesome people (I haven’t met them all), but the number of times I’ve lost something to a Sara or Sarah… it feels innumerable.

Why am I telling you this? Because there are always going to be people whose successes you envy. That crit partner who seems to get it without even trying. That author whose debut did sell for six-figures. The point is that another’s achievements do not negate your own. Be happy for them! They’re probably cool, and anyway, a rising tide carries all boats. Do your thing.




2 responses to “The Sara(h)s: My Nemeses!

  1. Thanks for the reminder to focus on our own achievements – and to quash that little green monster. And, no, I’m not talking about Michael Wazowski.

  2. Loved this :). There are certainly a lot of Sara(h)s in the industry! But we all know you’ve got your own arsenal of awesome.
    Best of luck in thwarting the Sara(h)s!

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